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Do the behaviours of your employees mirror your company's brand and values, and guide their interactions with each other, and with your customers and clients?
Do your employees know how their daily activities drive the performance measures key to your organization's success?
Is everyone committed to the same outcomes?
Are your high-performing and high-potential employees receiving the pay and recognition they deserve to stay with your organization?
Do your managers have the skills and resources to set performance expectations, and coach employees for high performance?
NVision can help your organization with:

Performance management programs
Establishing business goals and implementation plans to achieve them
Compensation and Total Rewards
Training and Development (geared at mid-level managers)
Team building

Here are a few examples of how we have assisted our clients with Performance:
Hospitality: To drive leadership accountability and results, design a global performance management and succession-planning program for this hospitality industry leader.   National Retailer: Compile consistent people management practices and user-friendly guides developing training that promotes consistent application of all employee-related processes.
Large Government Agency: To enhance client satisfaction and align client facing functions with other business units, define new roles, processes and customer agreements.


  Retailer: Develop an effective compensation system — evaluate roles and establish base pay and bonuses..
Helping organizations change, perform, and communicate. That’s NVision Consulting.
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