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NVision helps clients implement change and enhance performance successfully. Here are several examples of recent projects in which this was demonstrated.

Hospitality: Drove leadership accountability and results, designed a global performance management and succession planning program for this hospitality industry leader.

Post-Secondary Education: Developed communication strategies to support understanding and win acceptance of a university-wide systems implementation – a key component of broader culture change.

Large Government Agency: Enhanced client satisfaction and aligned client-facing functions with other business units, defined new roles, processes, and customer agreements.

Government Agency: To support the completion of a multi-year project, developed transition and talent plans to support the expansion of healthcare facilities.

Business Services: To support a new service delivery model, defined and implemented the national team's roles.


National Retailer: Compiled consistent people management practices and user-friendly guides, developed training that promoted consistent application of all employee-related processes.

Retailer: Develop an effective compensation system — evaluate roles and establish base pay and bonuses..

Pharmaceutical: Following a merger, backed up the President and Executive team with change management, process and role integration and employee communication.

Food Manufacturer: Fostered accountability through effective objectives and competencies. Developed training and tools supporting organizational and technology change, and continuous improvement.

National Not-for-Profit: To develop solid and knowledgeable brand ambassadors, developed an Intranet, online tools, and materials, to empower thousands of employees and volunteers.


Helping organizations change, perform, and communicate. That’s NVision Consulting.

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